10 years ago, when we had our first child it wasn’t even a thought, we bought what we thought were the best products from the big brands to take care of our babies skin and hair.

Unfortunately, we were wrong

We believe this triggered the very severe eczema he developed. We were prescribed a tonne of different drugs and products to treat his skin condition to no avail

Which lead us to trying everything we could to help him. I mean everything….you name it we tried it

Then we had a moment of awakening…..IF YOU CAN’T EAT IT SHOULD NOT GO ON YOUR SKIN……….

This drove us to spend the next 8 years researching on the regeneration, maintenance of skin and hair.

This enlightened a passion for creating rich and effective formulas using 100% Raw Pure & Natural ingredients from around the world for hair care and skin care that really work

After succeeding in creating products that works, we wanted to give others the opportunity by making these products available to all.

Treat your body with the very best that nature has to offer 

Here at Dee Rose Raw Pure & Natural, we encourage all to take the best of nature and share it with friends and family. Products you can trust!