Dee Rose is a home-schooling mother of 4 who suffered from postpartum hair loss after each pregnancy. It was not until her second pregnancy that she discovered that her hair loss was due to an imbalance of hormone that would last 6 months to a year post-pregnancy. This drove her to spend the next 6 years researching on the growth, maintenance and length retention of natural Afro hair. during those years her children suffered from mild to severe eczema, she was prescribed a tone of different drugs and products to treat their skin condition to no avail. This enlightened a new passion in her; the passion for creating rich and effective formulas using 100% Raw Pure & Natural ingredients from around the world for hair care and skin care that actually work. She began with her old childhood, “I remember my mother bringing raw organic Shea butter from Ivory Coast every time she travelled. And that’s literally all we used growing up. I honestly took it for granted because none of my peers really knew what Shea butter was, so what I used on my skin was never a topic of discussion. Back then they were more familiar with Nivea and all those other big brands. I didn’t realise that I grew up with Gold. When we had aches, it was a Shea butter massages and a hot towel. When we got cuts and bruises it was Shea butter on the affected area daily, which left minimal scaring to non. When a baby was born it was Shea butter baths. I mean, I had to go back and see what worked for me, and figure out the different ways to use it to make work for my family and I”. After succeeding in creating a product that works, her whole family only use Dee Rose Raw Pure & Natural product. This is her opportunity to now make these lines of products available to you all. She wants to encourage women/mums to love and embrace the season they are in, in treating their hair with the very best that nature has to offer whilst remembering that seasons don’t last for ever. Here at Dee Rose Raw Pure & Natural, we encourage all to take the best of nature and also share it with friends and family. Products you can trust!
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